Naturally Donkey Milk



Delivery time (DHL express): 2-3  working days from the order. After the shipment,  tracking at this DHL tracking page 

See also  International customs procedures

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Important: From 1 January 2021, the United Kingdom will leave the European Customs Union, bringing with it new economic and commercial dynamics (look down).

Whole donkey milk, pasteurized and freeze-dried Organic, Instant, Delicate taste.

Minimum shelf life 20 months in the vacuum bag and three weeks after opening

Ingredients: 100% donkey milk powder, no added sugar, no preservatives, no dyes, no artificial flavors, no GMOs

For UK Market the price not include VAT (10%) ; however the customer must pay a customs duty in UK to DHL


Due to customs requirements, a minimum order of 0,6 kgr is required


Customs rules and brexit consequences

Shipments of goods in UK  will be considered as extra-EU and must always be accompanied by an invoice (proforma or commercial).

Sales of goods with value over £ 135 (B2B and B2C):  The VAT, together with the duties, will be paid at the time of import into the UK by the customer

See   International customs procedures

ps Low value sales (£ 0 - £ 135) to consumer (B2C): they are not accepting because for the new brexit rules The merchant must register with the UK Tax Administration (Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs / HMRC) and pay periodically the VAT collected (this is too expensive at the bureaucratic level for a normal European company)

Shipping Notes: due to the new customs regulations related to Brexit and the unexpected news of the new COVID-19 variant, the International DHL Truck Express Service, was temporarily suspended between the EU and the UK until further notice. Please note that our Air DHL Express product is available as currently despite the limitations placed on passenger aircraft, there are no impacts on cargo flights. This will be subject to continuous review, as the situation is fluid and authorities might impose tougher restrictions.

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